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If you’re battling a mental illness and didn’t want to wake up this morning but did anyways, you’re a motherfucking badass. Because living with a mental illness is hard and I’m damn proud of you for still being here and fighting. You’re metal as hell and tough as nails. So keep on fighting, you kickass Viking warrior. You can win this.

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happy 21st birthday nathan james sykes. you may be growing up, but we’ll always love you and your cute little face. 

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Nobody else can love you in the way that I do.

Nobody else can love you in the way that I do.

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During one of the breaks Ashton says:
“So there’s something I need to say. There’s been a lot of bullshit on twitter lately. But we are family. And family sticks together. And I will never stop loving the 5SOS fam.”
It was so awesome. Way to go for publicly standing up for yourself Ashton!

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Reblog every time it is on my dash

never forget 

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I thought it was Friday tomorrow. Silly me..



never ever forget

I can’t stop laughing



never ever forget

I can’t stop laughing

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sleepy Luke/luke is sleeping

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I only don’t see why 5SOS would be signed with modest because
•They have their own record label
•they have their own record label
•ThEy HaVe ThEiR oWn ReCoRd LaBeL

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Ashton Vs Michael - What Was Your First Pet?

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THE 5SOS TUMBLR’s you guys have are so bad ass, thanks for being epic

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"We’re like brothers." (x)

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